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help save grandma with surgery
[attachment=958]My grandma fell two weeks ago and broke her hip now she needs a it's a hips replacement surgery she needs a prosthesis and stuff and we can't afford it, we're from Venezuela a very troubled country in south america i am a college student and really don't have time to find a job since i want to graduate to move out of the country and help my family and my mom and aunts work but minimum wage is not more than 15$/month here (you can look it up of you want) and we don't count with public health because hospitals are empty here we will still pretty much need to buy everything for the surgery froma needle to the most expensive stuff like oxygen... rn she isn't receiving any treatment just resting in her bed because she can't move hoping the fracture will fix itself. my grandma has cancer too and all our resources have gone to that now with this we need all the help, the surgery costs almost 4.000$ ANY amount that you could donate helps to reach the goal or buy her pain medicines.


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