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Get Started - How to request a donation
Good day. My name is Iryna and I am from Ukraine. Today I am homeless and unemployed due to the fact that after Russia's attack on Ukraine, there was a threat to my life and I was forced to leave my town. But I do not lose optimism. I also draw and hope to do it professionally one day. I count on your support. Your monetary donations will allow me to take training courses and improve my skills. I will post one of my drawings below. To help me realize my dream, I want to offer to combine your desire and mine. In particular, if you refuse to buy at least one hot-dog and transfer the money of its cost to my account, this will allow you to realize your secret dream - to make your figure slimmer, and me - to get closer to improving my skills. I would like to warn you that I live in Ukraine and intend to stay here for a long time, so I can accept donations only through PayPal. My account number is NYYN928EW7SNU. Thank you for your support.
Good morning,

I am a Belgian citizen based in the UAE for the last 16 years and am reaching out to find out if I can get financial help.

The problem is that I need to pay back my health insurance provider for costs which we’re not covered. The total amount I had to pay them was GBP 11000 and I have already paid them back GBP 5800.

However there is a Balance of GBP 6200 which is still outstanding and I have exhausted all of my resources. I have tried to get a personal loan from several banks, however my credit score is not sufficient enough to be eligible for a loan.

Therefore, I have been given a deadline of October 9th to pay back my health insurance provider and If I do not pay them back they will initiate legal proceedings against me which I cannot afford.

The amount that needs to be paid to them is GBP 6200.

Please let me know if anyone can help out or at-least point me in the right direction.

My PayPal is:

Can anyone help me out please, I don't want to get arrested.

I have a very young family and they have no one to depend upon but me.
I'm very humble and never like to admit help, but now I'm asking for help to keep my head afloat until I'm back on my feet. I try to help to the point on having putting myself on the verge of losing my power and rent. 

I'm behind my debt which is over $25,000. 2020 took the toll with losing my mom and trying to fix things which couldn't achieve that goal. Lost her place and depression with overload. 

My injury from my last job isn't giving my servance pay on time to fix my life. Please help a man run to thr finish line. Thank you all for helping. Be blessed.
Hello, I think I accidentaly submited my post 3 times because of refreshes. Excuse me for that, just wanted to correct something regarding attachmenets as in the preview there were not shown correctly. And I think because my post is not submitted yet I can't correct it. Sorry for it
I am wondering if I have done something wrong to have my first listing removed and my new one not approved as yet?

Needing help on my wishlist for my birthday and the move
Hey I'm confused to why my threads aren't being accepted
I think i did two threads because I thought my daughter pressed the back button while trying to post so i appologize for thar
Hi I am new here and I was wondering if my post made it to you.  I am sure you get inundated with posts to approve, but I don't know how all this works so I am noticing that I cannot even see the post or access it from anywhere so it makes me wonder if it went to you or didn't.  Is there a way to view the post after submitting and seeing the status of it?  Thank you for taking the time to read this and reply. 


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