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Get Started - How to request a donation
my post didn't post??
Hi I made a post about trying to save to get dentures and I forgot to put my cashapp in before I posted it my cash app is $andrea031482 can you plz help me get it on my post thank you
I forgot to add my pay link to my post and it hasnt been approved yet. What should i do?
How do I make a request.  I've created the log on, but I do not see how to start an original post.  Help?
hello thank you for taking your time to read this i am a single mum of two beautiful kids and I am trying
to  get as much support as possible I am homeless and I don't want to go back to my kids dad
he is alot older than me and is very controlling
I  am on benefits but I don't have any money to
put   a deposit on a flat for me and my two young
children I don't have any family or friends because
my ex pushed everyone away from me please
can anyone help my PayPal email is i am more than happy
to  send anyone who can help proff of the flat
when   me and. My kids have enough for the deposit
thank  you for reading this xx
I submitted a request but I can not find it. Please let me know what I need to do thank you

I am reaching out today in need of help. My wife and I have 5 children ages 1,3,5,6, and 9. We are one week away from not having a home. We are already struggling to provide food and clothing. Most importantly our one year old will not survive this heat. It was 115 degrees today.

Our story:
One month before COVID struck, my family and I moved to Minnesota for my 3yr daughters cancer testing. As you can imagine finding a job in a new state across the country was difficult. Throughout the COVID pandemic we lost everything. We moved back to Texas from Minnesota about a year ago, we only had enough space in our vehicle for x my tools to make a living. We came with only the clothes on our body, sleeping on the floor, with little to nothing. 
    Over the past year I worked for a welding company, moving up the ladder to become  project manager, then to operations manager, then to CEO. I made his business 1.2million dollars, $650,000 of that being 100% profit, from January 1,2022 - March 20th 2022, pulling his company from the verge of bankruptcy, to above average standing. I was tricked into accepting a low salary plus commission and bonuses. Well, the commission and bonuses never came. I reached out to the owner and said I couldn’t pay for my family’s absolute necessary bills, could we renegotiate my pay. He declined any change. My financial standing deteriorated, credit score shot, borrowing money from friends and family to make it. Over several months I asked and pleaded and begged to no end when finally I quit.
    The owner would not return my personal laptop I mistakenly left in my office (the police ended up getting involved) however, claimed the computer was his and paid a tech guy to retrieve all of the data on the hard drive. He then used that information to log into as many accounts as he could. Stalking my wife and I. He ruined all possible chances I had at making a living by ruining my name with every clientI had built a professional relationship with. He vandalized my personal truck by busting up the main computer and fuel pump housing. He paid a friend of his to come from California and attack me at my house, my family didn’t feel safe at our own home. He has done all of this in such a way that the Law apparently “can’t prove” he was involved in any of it. To top things off my landlord happens to be his good friend. I was given until the end of this month to move out of the house so he could “sell” it. I know how far fetched this sounds, it is all true, unfortunately. 

    With NOW bad rental history, Bad credit, such a short time at my new job, low income, and the size of my family, we can’t get into anywhere. Our two options are to be homeless and live in tents, which would eventuality mean losing my children to CPS or to find someway, some how to purchase an Rv and figure it out from there. I’m asking for help. Please. Any little bit would help. Please help me support my family, I would use the money to purchase an Rv, diapers, wipes, food, school supplies, and clothing. I have always been able to get everything my family needs without any help and find it extremely difficult to ask for any. Please, I ask of you to have us all in your prayers to keep us strong. Any donation will help! THANK YOU!!! WE ARE SO VERY GRATEFUL. 

Please send to the link below$Cmorehelp123
I submitted a post but it has not shown up. Did I do something wrong?
My name is Boitumelo, my deepest wish is to go back to school, please help me at Your help will be highly appreciated.
Hi, hello!? Is anyone here care to respond. I just want to know if I could spare a little amount from you guys I just can't find another solution for this situation right now,I actually lose my job and I am having trouble with my financial now. Like, I can't afford a cheese burger for my mom. I must do this temporarily while I am waiting for my job. I would much really appreciate you and I will pray every single soul here for their happiness.

i forgot to add my paypal account. Please use this email addre ss:
My name is Khalid Ali. I’m a student of B-Pharmacy at BIHS. I have successfully completed my First year of this course. Now I’m in 2nd Year of Pharmacy class. I want to be a Pharmacist and want to open a Medical Store in My Village. But I’m struggling in my final year. I am working quite part time jobs but it will not be enough. As this year most of my time is spent in study and I can't work in a couple of places. Due to this, my income has become quite low and it is difficult to make ends meet.
My fee for this year was $2700 but I have collected $600 by working in a factory. But now the anxiety has come to my head and I have to focus on my studies, because of which I can't work and have to take classes daily.  Some Part of my income went towards my house rent and transportation bills.
There is no medical facility in my village. You might be wondering why I didn't become a doctor. There is a reason behind this, to become a doctor or getting a doctor's degree in my country is very expensive and poor people like us can't afford it. All medical colleges have very high fees. I choose this field to help people and I'm quite happy with it but now things don't seem to be cooperating.  This year I also had to repair my house due to heavy rains which made the situation worse.
And I’m not getting much financial aid. I made an honest effort to become and being a full time student, alongside working. But still there remains some money which I could not raise. I am still working at two places but the salary is not enough to cover the expenses and collect the fees. I also have to bear the household expenses so I am not able to manage my fees this time. I also asked many people for loans, but they refused. It is true that the poor have nothing, the rich have everything. I have collected some fees by working in the factory and the rest is still there. I'm scared to death thinking that my year will be wasted and I'll be disqualified from this batch session. I sincerely thank everyone who can donate. Thank You

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