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If there’s anyone who can help please help

I’m Lisa and I’m 55 years old. I’m a single woman living alone on a fixed income (disability) I have four children who are all adults living on their own. I have some chronic health conditions but I manage to maintain my health best I can, but sometimes not so well. I receive about 1200 a month disability benefits and I also have received a housing voucher for almost five years now of which is a huge benefit for me and I was fortunate enough to get it when I did, which has helped me afford a clean stable place to call home. Which is a major deal since all I have is myself to rely on both my parents have since passed. I really don’t have anyone else and it’s the reason I need help and am asking for help. This month of July 2024 is my last month of rental assistance. I will no longer qualify or be an eligible for any kind of government rental assistance until I have paid off an outrageous amount of money to HUD, $8200 to be exact. They don’t make any kind of payment arrangements or anything like that, it’s expected for you to pay in full but lose your housing benefits until then. My full regular monthly rent without assistance is 750.00 which isn’t a heck of a lot considering todays rent prices but it’s surely a heck of a lot on $1200.00 and there won’t be anything left after basic bills to even go towards the $8200.00 . Without any help to pay for the outstanding amount I’m afraid to even consider what the years for me in the future will look like a especially as I get up in age on disability and just keeping a roof over my head. I am humbly asking for any type of financial assistance towards the $8200 bill. Any help is appreciative because it’s something, much more than what I currently have and it gets me closer to my goal of getting it paid off sooner than 9-10 when I’m well into my 60’s which should be an easier, smoother time in my, well beyond extreme struggle and hardship. Time to enjoy the grandkids.

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