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My dad helped sister (UPDATE)
I can't say the amount for fear of people on here thinking we are made of money when we are dead broke but my dad helped sister who was in danger of being kicked out if couldn't pay rent all because of negligent roommate issues... Honestly its sad what she went through but its just as sad my parents WONT HELP ME get a studio let alone build a portable one for amount they helped my sister with! That's irritation but also one must note my sister is in traditional housing and what I want/need is UNCONVENTIONAL home so I can be self employed more and self sustained plus GIVE PEOPLE RENT FREE situations without asking for a dime (volunteer work exchange for housing) Talkijg to parents when they won't help me but they pay her rent is kinda not worth talking about. Not mad at sister at all, things happen however she has spending issues (that's another red flag topic). Who doesn't have issue??? Goodness if we didn't it would be a boring world.

Please help me of where my parents can't, at least I sell things and mature about saving money not spending on fruitless ways, may have to make fliers for posting locally about my business).

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