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Homeless with my autistic son
[b]Hi, my name is Mindy and a week ago I was evicted from my house that I have rented for 15 years with my autistic son that is 7. My landlord wanted me to sign a new lease and increase my rent from 425 to 650 and the problem with that is he won’t fix anything that needs fixed. Leak in the ceiling, furnace isn’t hooked up right, hot water heater doesn’t have the proper piping it needs and the list goes on. When I wouldn’t agree I got a court date to be evicted. Went to court a week later and the judge just told me he wants possession of the property back and that was it 15 days later I was homeless. Please anything would help us right now thank you. If anyone wanted to help I have PayPal and the email address is and I have cash app and my cash tag is $blueeyes61462
That seems to low of rent, where are you living? In what state?
I live in Illinois. The town I live in is a small town average rent for here is about 500 for two bedroom apt or house
Facing homelessness with my autistic son has been challenging, but we're grateful for the support we've received. Organizations like [Local Support Group] have been instrumental in providing resources and a supportive community. Together, we're navigating this difficult journey with hope and determination.  Youtube vanced

Well I'm glad you got help, maybe your son might like toys I have on my shop online might be helpful in new house or apartment to keep him entertainment going.

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