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Please help single working mom needing gas

I’m a full time single mother. My ex-husband is incarcerated and serving 34 years so I don’t get child support. I’d previously been managing through my income as an RN and student loan reimbursements studying for. DNP in psychiatry. Due to a rare sleep disorder and all around burnout of being a single working mom in grad school with minimal support, I had to drop out after 2 years. I’m in the process of applying for a self-paced MSN program with the intention of completing my doctorate once licensed as a nurse practitioner. While I’m out of school, I’m finding myself overwhelmed by bills and expenses. On top of all that, I do have a number of mental health challenges I battle to keep stable as well. I have the following bills. I know things always work themselves out & God always provides but it’s really tough at the moment. 

. Anything at all would be more help than you could possibly imagine. 

At this very moment, I’m overdrawn with no incoming check until next Thursday, need to drive 3 hours to visit my sister for Easter. I AM MOST IN NEED OF MONEY FOR GAS AND LIVE-ON EXPENSES FOR THE WEEK

Larger bills
Rent- $1900 (March, April)
Car payment - (-$653.56) (Feb, March, April) 
Childcare- spring break will cost me around $700
Sleep doctor- $350- office won’t schedule me until it’s paid 
Day to day live-on expenses- gas, groceries…etc. 
my paychecks typically cover my car payment and utilities but I’m behind at the moment and childcare costs add up. 
Zelle- IM for number 
Cash app- liveandlearn426 

I feel really bad asking for help from anyone, let alone random strangers, but pray I’m one day in a position to pay it forward. ??
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I'm in a pinch of needing a dog crate (you can read my post via profile) but I can relate we have a 295 bill for my moms car that had repair done which was on credit line... We are below poverty line I think but I pray things get better.

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