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young & on disability - very mentally unwell with no help
in 2020 when covid started, my mental health rapidly declined (further than what it already was), i got into my first car accident, then, right after, i started disability leave a few months before turning 25. 

after going through at least a year of medications to find the right dose, i had also been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. unfortunately, that has only gotten worse from the decline in my relationship at home with my mom (its only us) that has also caused me to develop a picking disorder. this picking disorder has now caused the worst insecurity ive ever felt, along with being constantly stared at, judged, asked questions, and even disgusting comments and actions from my mom. ie: she put a pack of bandaids in my stocking for christmas recently and laughed saying it was a joke because i had gone through so many from my picking disorder. (yes im serious this happened). no matter how nice and respectful i am towards her, she refuses to listen or try to understand me and how i feel, and she even thinks that shes done nothing wrong. shes rude, disrespectful, very inconsiderate, and never takes accountability or apologizes for anything.

on top of that, ive been screwed over by an internet provider last year having to pay a huge cancellation fee for a contract i didnt agree to, as well as requesting that the new phone contract i had be bundled with the new internet only for THAT company to apparently not listen and created an entirely new account that just built up payment owing without me having a clue. All of this going on while i only get paid once a month, and the agreement my mom and i have had is that she does the groceries and i pay the internet, however, she goes out of her way to purposely not get me food, maybe a small amount of something but it doesnt last me as long as she expects since im home everyday, and she will refuse to get more or get anything for me because its not what 'she' wants. i need to afford chiropractor because of my car accident and being on disability has declined my physical health, internet, my car, insurance, my phone, all the unnecessary skin care that ive needed because of my skin picking disorder (its been a literal nightmare i wouldnt wish on anyone), any other woman/human necessities, as well as the therapist that i see 2-3 times a month which is $215 per session, and shes the only actual help i have. 

also, my new phone broke and the replacement alone is $1,000 and i still pay each month on my contract just to own it but i cant even use it. 

this is only the tip of the iceberg of my life, for context my parents divorced a decade ago,  and my dad is an aggressive "my way or my way" type of person. i have a brother, but he has a child and him and his fiance dont want anything to do with the issues i have with my mom. i have nowhere to go, and nobody to help. not even friends.
anything helps, i want out of debt so i can save and get out of here. i dont need more than $6,000 total.

i dont mind answering anything if needed, i know it comes across a little chaotic/scrambled. apologies

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