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Save me from a threat of being kicked out
Funny how life changes instantly! I was happily working for a prison charity helping former prisoners restart their lives when I was made redundant in December 2023 without warning. I hadn't been with the charity long enough to get any redundancy pay so I was left without an income.

Of course, I started to apply for other jobs immediately but for some reason the job market isn't too bouyant right now. I've had interviews - then heard nothing! I keep applying and it looks like I should get work with a job I actually applied for in December, immediately I knew I was out of work. I'm hoping this will start before Easter 2024, but even then it will be another month before I see any income.

So I'm just a bit desperate (and I don't really do desperate) for some 'tide-me-over' money to keep my head above water until then. I only need about £1000 so not a fortune and I have full faith that I'll be back on my feet in a few weeks.

Oh, did I say - my wife, rather than encouraging me, keeps threatening to kick me out. Seriously... Undecided  So it's just about keeping my children safe and providing some security for them.

Thank you all, and I'll keep you posted if I can.
Offer, try to leave that wife and find new one when possible. That's not a real women.. I pray all gets better.

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