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I am 25 years old, from Dominican Republic. Doing a master's degree in Renewable Energy in Spain. However, despite hards efforts trying to pay the costs, the tuition, the rent, my food and how to sustain me, I am out of funds now, and I do want to continue improving as a young professional and want to get my degree. 

I haven't been able to get a job either...

I need money for my tuition. Would like to collect at least $2500, either in Euros or in Dollars. Maybe some more money for my daily life and rent. With your donations I'll be able to continue and move forward and reach one of my dream goals.

Here's my Paypal account: (in Dollars) (in Euros)

Thanks a lot for your help and support. I am also able to work and provide help remotely to win some money as well if required. Can provide my number or email.

I will be forever grateful for your help , God bless y'all.
I appreciate you for this great blog. Our intercession happens totally from our conveyance community in Sweden.

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