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Old user here (no one donates!). Impossible!
Old user here! I forgot my username and year when i was registered.
I started to have my problem in 2014.
A lot of time has passed since 2014 and no one donated even once when i first started to post this (i don't remember year)
In short, i have money problems, general illness, heart health problem from birth, anxiety.
I decided to return because, despite the fact that my story is too long, my health has only gotten worse, but in general i feel even better since 2014 in terms of emotional feeling, because i try to bring everything in one place, but some aspects of my life are getting much much worse.
I am not seriously ill, i won't lie, but I have experienced many difficult moments in my life. I have been diagnosed with depression,
have huge various mental illnesses and more, I have been trying to make money since 2014 and have only made about 300 $ in 10 years! This is almost nothing, almost zero, considering that renting an apartment in my country costs a lot more per month - costs more then 1000 $ per month.
You will probably say that i should find a cheaper option or change country, but in my country with current situation (and even in 2014) IT'S IMPOSSIBLE and i'm not able to change citizenship.
Considering my ambitions and repeated failures in all areas of life,
I am in fact already homeless if i will loose apartment since i won't have enough money - won't lie, i'm really scared so much to loose my life, I’m just holding on for now to my previous savings in previous years, but in fact I’m no longer capable of savings if you look into the future.
I have no money for future rent, and in the meantime, new illnesses, new problems, new surprises and severe failures occur in my life.
I don’t understand how i can make money in this life, because in fact people in internet didn’t donate or help me even for 1 dollar in 2014-2023 when i asked for help! LOL and the work that I had access to turned out to be impossible due to the fact that they cheated me out of money and said that I fulfilled my contract too poorly.

I was initially a person not deprived of all benefits, but my future is my death, because it is pointless to do anything if all my savings are not enough for even one year of renting an apartment.

I tried everything to save me! I did so much for me and my friends that no one understands! But all methods of earnings or asking for help are useless, because you understand why...

I will be honest with you, I get some help already from someone I know, but it is so small that this money will barely be enough for FOOD in the future, and you can forget about renting because it simply doesn't cover even apartment. I'm grateful for support in real life, but it doesn't help me.

But if someone like you will donate me any amount, it will probably will be a game changer, because even 1 $ is helpful from one person, but if no one donating at all, then it will still be a zero and it means everything we do is pointless.

All friendly ties have been severed; there is not a single person who can sympathize.

I tried all the methods of making money and there was not one that would bring me income.

I know that probably the man (organization) who help me will think like "oh, he is asking for help, but we already helping him", but the reality is that i can't change myself, can't change health, can't change work, can't change nothing. My fact is that i have to pay for apartment, otherwise i will be dead in the street. Nothing else is helpful and even if i win some small lottery in theory, it won't help much because food is expensive in 2024, electricity payments eats me alive, it's impossible to live.

There is a highlight at the tip of my "iceberg".
I tried EVERY way to meet new friends to support each other with care and friendship in order to work together on projects or just like real friends, but not a single person became my friend because internet is full of scammers and bad people, i have zero chances to find a women or a real friend.

And everything is not so bad if you don’t think about the debts that my family took on. I know that I will seem like a stupid person to you, but I assure you - I personally didn't take a loan, and I tried my best to stop these people from doing this, but they got into debt and because of them now I suffer not only twice, but and everything is much worse than you imagine

I myself personally can't work due to mental illness and , and any work is impossible for a number of reasons, such as an impossible contract, the arrogance of the employer (impossible to complete the work), difficult job search, and so on like feeling weak and I also have congenital diseases

Without your support, i can't do much, because other people are earning because of their abilities or known friends, but i don't have such abilities and possibilities.

As i mentioned, i'm almost homeless without my savings. They will start to disappear in the next 2 years if no one will help me or if i won't find another ways to survive. After that, if we will say that i will be in same situation like in 2014 or in 2024, i'm basically dead on the street and as i said, i tried everything and nothing works for this problem. Please don't make decisions instead of sending money because if you really want to help, other decisions will only make things worse. I hope for your understanding.

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