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Urgent Rent Help, Please!

My name is AJ. This situation is unorthodox for me as I have always found a way to get by, whether through borrowing from family during hard times or having access to alternative means of income. However, this year has been relentless with the many financial and job obstacles I have faced. I am now in desperate need of financial assistance. I already have debts that I was on track to pay off until recently. Now, on top of this, I am behind on monthly required living expenses.  

Normally, I work freelance in the entertainment industry (Film/T.V.) as a coordinator for production or travel and more sparingly as a creative writer. However, earlier this year I struggled to find work for months due to the strikes. I also ended up losing my car, which for anyone is crucial. I live in a city where you need a car and my freelance work would require me to have reliable transportation. Due to an accident, that was no fault to me and my parked car, it was deemed totaled. It devastated me more as I was in transition from downsizing from living alone to roommates. 
This happened right as the strikes across many types of entertainment unions were starting. Though I am grateful they happened and hope for a better future for all who work in the industry, at the time it set me back significantly. I worked a freelance gig back in May. The payment from that gig and the insurance money held me up for several months as I searched for other jobs and worked odd ends and any freelance gig that was approved that I could get and unfortunately, that was not much.

The last project I worked on ended at the end of October and the money I had tucked away quickly diminished. I had no other gigs booked as most projects were still either held off or not hiring. Although I have been actively searching for work for the past two months, I have not been successful. Many local businesses have not been hiring, probably because it is the end of the year and the holiday season has already begun and is coming to a close. 
I am behind on my rent and utility bills, totaling $4050 and this money will help me catch up and stay in good standing. I have found remote part-time work and will be starting soon, but as of now, I am at my wit's end. I have applied for financial assistance through local and federally funded programs to no avail. I understand that there are people worse off than me and I am grateful for the friends and family who have helped me as much as they could spare. It is a lot to ask of anyone, especially a stranger. I beg for any assistance you can spare at this time. Your help will never be lost on me. I would like to go into the new year knowing I still have a roof over my head so that I can focus on rebuilding myself. 

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can spare. Happy New Year!

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