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Please, help me leave my country
Hello kind people,

My name is Elena, I live in Venezuela. I've been working since I graduated high school and have lived a good life from my childhood through my mid-twenties. These last decades have brought me and my family a sharp decline in our quality of life, from losing "good" jobs (due to economic decline in our country) to my current unemployed status.

Since I cannot get a formal, regular job, I've been working as a freelancer for a platform that does IT consulting (mostly in QA Testing). However, my "work" depends on where I am located, the devices I possess, and my time availability. This means that often I do not qualify for certain projects because there is not much interest in Venezuelan users/markets, my time availability is severely impacted by power cuts, and/or my devices are becoming outdated (and I don't make enough money to acquire newer models).

My partner moved to Chile about 5 years ago and he's been trying to help me leave Venezuela and reunite with him in Santiago. However, with several changes made to the immigration laws, we have been unable to get the Chilean government to approve my Visa. The last attempt we made was rejected citing a lack of personal funds to support myself in their country, even having presented proof that he is and can finance my stay until I can get a job over there.

We are not giving up, and our next step is saving up so the authorities can see enough funds to permit me to enter their country. Unfortunately, saving enough money while still buying groceries, paying utilities, home repairs/maintenance, and more will take a long time, and with every day that passes, I get less and less work over here to contribute.

Please, help me save up to appease the Chilean government so they approve my entry visa. I just want to live in a place where I can work and live decently, a place where power outages don't last for hours and occur daily, a place where I can have running water every day and not once a month to fill recipients so one can have water for the rest of it.

I want to live not just survive, please, any bit helps.

P.S.: I used to have an online store (hence the strange name in my PayPal account), but I lost it because our government restricted currency exchange and the startup was not self-sufficient yet.  Sad
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