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Please help me move house
Hi, my name is Reka and I live in Greece. I am originally from Hungary. I have been living in Athens in the past year in a horrible basement flat, which has mould and cockroaches all over. A few years ago I had a serious back injury which forced me to start working from home. Since then, I have been struggling to pay rent. Now my landlord told me that he is selling this place in January and I have 2 weeks to move out. I don't have the funds to pay for the deposit and moving. I don't drive and I don't know anyone with a car as I am not from here. I'd need around 2000 Euros to be able to find a place and to move there. I hate to ask but please help me, I am going to end up homeless.

My paypalme link is:

Anything helps!

Thank you.

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