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I Truly Need $2500 for a laptop, digital Photography camera and to pay to get lisence
Hello it's me again..Thee Louise.  I still haven't given up hope yet that there has to be someone out there that has money and would kindly take pity on me , if u must to please help me with this money. I really really want to take online college courses for photography and this is the only way. So I'm asking u to please think about how you will change my future going forward.  I SO NEED THIS ,MY DEPOSIT Information is. Or $TheeLouise09
Thanks so much. I just want to be happy again in life. I'm so defeated anymore and it's a constant struggle not having any money.  Thanks. Crystal. Aka thee Louise
My sincere Thanks to whoever helps me. I'm not use to beging but I truly just want to go start online classes for photography and I need to purchase a Laptop and camera.  U can use  and also to $TheeLouise09 Thanks again Crystal 

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