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Please Heavenly Father I ask humbley for some one to help me.
I'm 48 and want desperately to take  online college courses for photography. I take really awesome pictures and why not do something u love and get paid for it? Well that's what I'm trying to do but a bone disease Fybrious Dysplasia has left me disabled and disability income is a joke. I need $2500 or at this point anything I can get to buy me a nice laptop and Camera for class. I can't believe I'm even begging I've never even knew a website existed like this so to whoever sees this please consider helping me I'll stay in touch with you if u want to show u I do right by ur money.  My cash app tag is. $TheeLouise09
And .  I thank u Greatly. Crystal
My sincere Thanks to whoever helps me. I'm not use to beging but I truly just want to go start online classes for photography and I need to purchase a Laptop and camera.  U can use  and also to $TheeLouise09 Thanks again Crystal 

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