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Father - Son Reunion
Hi fam, I hope you are all well.

My son Logan is a bubbly, energetic and naughty 4year old little man(though he sometimes behaves like a 40year old with a snoring problem). He is fun and opinionated as anyone who has just learnt to ask questions can be and his love for sausages rivals all of Europe. 

However Logan and I haven't seen each other in person for two years since I left to work miles away from home. Most of our communication is done on lengthy video calls which have proven to be insufficient and he has lately expressed his dissatisfaction and honestly I feel it too. I haven't made enough to get return tickets either way or support a stay - That's why I would like to request any well wishers with cash to spare to help me out to reunite with my boy at least for a few days over the holidays.

Any help in cash would be greatly appreciated via paypal

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