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out of money while looking for a job
Hello everybody, 

I am Alex,a 27 year old from Spain. I am currently out of money. I am looking for a full time or part time job and have little resources, I have worked for 7 years on and off but the economic crisis is bad here. The last income I recieved was 40 euros to work 10 hours one day and havent had luck since. I have experience in several fields, but i work in anything that comes out because money is money and work is work. I´ve lived by myself since 18 years of age & i have no family left. my mother died when i was 13, i dont know my father and both my grandparents from my mothers side are dead also. i am on my own

My only means of transport was an old bicycle and it finally gave up a few days ago, so now i have to walk everywhere because i cant afford to catch transport, i have to put that money towards food.

i have maxed out my loans so i cant ask for any, i also cant pay them back. This isnt a huge issue because my countries laws for loans are just being on a morosity list, but i cant access any loans either way.

I do not smoke or drink, i need to get back on my feet because this is just a bad stretch as i like to believe.I am not asking for much, just to explain, i can eat with 20-30 euros a week, basic food, but food nonetheless and i am grateful for even 1 euro, or cents. right now i only have rice in my pantry. I hope i will work a day to be able to pay for my groceries and to be able to print out more curriculums/resumes.

This is a last resort, i feel embarassed to beg in real life,i had a bad stretch 7 years ago and i dont want to go back to the soup kitchen. i will leave my paypal email to any kind person that wishes to donate to my cause. may god bless you all

thank you in advance

edit 22 november: i could buy some groceries for the week, but i still have no reccurring income

& my paypal email is its an old email i used to have when i sold this games currency

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