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Diabetes Help...Need a miracle for Christmas!
Happy almost Turkey Day Everyone!
I’ve never done this before and very grateful to have stumbled upon it considering my current situation. About a month ago my car broke down do to the battery (or so I thought)
I’ve used the same mechanic for years and so has my family and so he came over and did the little test with the battery to make sure it wasn’t the alternator. He assured me that it was just the battery and once I got a new one it would be up and running again, so that’s what I did. It drove for about a day and a half before the battery light came on so I took it to Autozone and the guy told me it was definitely not the battery but the alternator and to never ever let anyone do the older test on newer cars because it can fry the electrical system! I had no idea! So, now I have a brand new battery but since I turned in the old one I can’t return this one or I’d be without one altogether. I have someone that will put it in for me I just can’t afford it, Autozone said for my vehicle which is a 2007 Hyundai Santa fe it would be almost $200 and then of course I would still have to pay the person who helps put it in. So we could REALLY use a miracle this Christmas. By we I mean me and my better half,(lol) see we just found out this time last year that he has type 2 diabetes which we knew absolutely nothing about and are still learning everyday. He has to take insulin SEVERAL times a day in the morning and evening he takes a long acting one and throughout the day before meals takes a short acting one. Well without our vehicle we’ve been forced to have to deal with whatever the corner convenient store has to offer which is not always the healthy route. Because of that his blood sugar stays anywhere from 300 to over 500 consistently 2 days ago it was 515 and at 600 you can go into ketoacidoses (or coma).
As of last night he used his last tester strip so now we aren’t able to even check his blood sugar to know how much insulin he needs to take which is extremely dangerous. Without a car we are pretty much stranded, If I could just get it drivable again by having an alternator put in I’ll be able to do my instacart deliveries to at least be able to get his tests strips and healthier food from the actual grocery store and worse case scenario the hospital if need be because without insurance we can’t afford an ambulance unless it was an absolute emergency. We’ve already had to make a trip there this month do to his diabetes and will probably end up there again real soon if we stay without a vehicle. To the kind soul that does find it in their heart to help us, we will truly be most grateful and we are firm believers in paying it forward, and from the bottom of our hearts thank you and God bless!! Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas! And may you find your Christmas miracle also!My PayPal link is....
Also Cashapp is $Bemo1087

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