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I’m in a world of trouble.
Hello All that may read this,

My name is Tiaune Thomas, 46 from Chicago Illinois. I have recently been a victim of identity theft and financial crime. I have been even red from my home and my car has been repossessed. I was a home care aid and recently loss my job due to my client of 8 years passing on. I also did work for Amazon flex as a delivery driver. Without my car I cannot earn money fast enough to help myself. I need help. Out of desperation I applied for a loan online that turned out to be a scam that went and hacked my account by reversing charges not authorized by me but somehow the scammers made it appear that it was me. Now my bank account is 1700$ in the negative and the bills that were paid got reversed and now my phone and life insurance has been jeopardized. While the bank understands my situation they cannot do anything about it and still expect me to pay then and the merchants that got money taken from them want their money as well. I have to file for bankruptcy and start over. I’m hoping that this will compel someone with a generous heart to help me. I’m looking to raise 3000$ to pay back the bank and the merchants and put me back at a zero balance. I’m working on becoming a school bus driver again so that I can start to earn an income again. God bless you and keep you safe from harm. I have never been in this kind of situation before. It has caused me tremendous embarrassment and humiliation. I pray that someone can help me. I just want to see some light so that I can push myself to recover from this. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. I have no immediate family in the world because both of my parents passed on during the pandemic. This life is beginning to make me feel as if I’m better off not being here. Please help if you can. My cash tag is $tlt1946 thank all of you for taking the time to read this.

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