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Financial hardship
Hello all,

I am making a request for help to get on my feet behind being a victim of cybercrime. I was in a desperate situation and I applied for a loan online. My information was sent out into the internet and I got and offer from e-loan finance. Little did I know that these were scammers and I shared my information with them that allowed them to hack into my account and reverse charges from payment I made in August and September. They asked me to send them money for verification and like a fool I did. This put me in an awkward position with my bank. I had no idea what they had done until after it happened. You see, I have been evicted from my subsidized housing and I loss my job due to my client passing away, my car was repossessed and now I have no way to earn money fast by doing gig work like Uber, amazonflex or DoorDash. The after math of loan disaster left me in the hole with my bank nearly 1700$ the charges couldn’t be reversed because the Elian made it look as if I made the request myself. Then I was foolish enough to send them 1700 dollars for so called verification that the fund would be received. Of course after they got their money they ceases to be available by phone and they refused to respond to email. Because of this my life insurance has been canceled and my cellphone has been disconnected. Being that I have been evicted and I have nowhere to go. I am still in the apartment waiting for the Salvation Army to find a place for me in a shelter. I’m trying yo return to work as a school bus driver, but I have no money for public transportation. I feel so helpless not to mention embarrassed by my naive decision to trust this Elian to be real. In order to try and get back on my feet, I have filed for bankruptcy. This also cost me to even get started. I am looking to raise about 3000$ this will put me back to zero. I would be able to pay back my banking institution as well as the merchants that the scammer took my money from. I can’t get a loan even if I wanted to at this point. Please if there is anyone that can read this and feel compelled to give. God bless you and keep you safe from this kind of harm. I pray this moves the hearts of the generous. Please help me to get on my feet and be able to pay it forward.

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