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Change my life
I am a 55year old single woman who is desperately trying to change her life path. I am homeless, living in my car, unemployed, and broke. My current situation has mentally, emotionally, and physically taken its toll on me. Health issues have limited me physically however I do have a full functioning brain. With that said I have made a plan of action and set obtainable goals for myself.  Financially, a helping hand would help me reach my goals much sooner. Financial assistance would help me be able to complete my education and training and begin my new career before the new year and forever change my life.
      I have broken this down into 2 different plans depending on finances that will have the same end result. Plan 1 and plan 2 may just have different timelines. Job training is done online and is completed within 30 days. The company hires you as an independent contractor working remotely from home upon completion of the training course.

Plan 1
Tuition Fee   $800.00
Lap Top       $450.00

Plan 2 same as above plus one month rent and deposit $1150.00

    I can do this without a stable place to live. The job training is the most important part of reaching my goals of financial stability and a roof over my head.
    I would also like to mention that by helping me it will bring a trickle affect. The knowledge I gain will give me the power to help others while helping myself. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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