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Help me and my baby girl get back on our feet again
Hello, Kind Hearts!
I'm a proud single mom to a beautiful baby girl. Life's journey has presented its challenges, and I'm reaching out with vulnerability and hope.
 Parenthood, as a solo adventurer, has its twists and turns, and has  led me here, seeking a bit of support during a challenging chapter.
I lost my job , I delivered her through caesarean and  I took time to heal and therefore I could not keep the job. Since then I have had to borrow loans and help from family to sustain her.
With your support, I believe in building a brighter future for my little one and myself.
 How You Can Help: I need help to pay my loans and cash to get me a laptop and smart phone, so I can work online and earn a living and be able to take good care of my baby since getting a job has not been easy.
Your support means the world to us.
 My PayPal link

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