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Hi my name is Sergio and i am on disability. I am looking for donations from anyone that can help me.I had a car but the undercarriage of my vehicle is rusted out and when i recently took it into the shop for break repairs they told me they couldnt fix my breaks due laws in my state that make it illegal to fix a vehicle that is not safe to be on the roads.i am devastated as i dont have the money or income to replace it.please if anyone can help out of the kindnes of your heart i will gladly appreciate it.i am trying to get at least 500 donated to be able to get something decent that doesnt need repairs and is safe to be on the roads.I live in a really small town where there are no buses or transportation of any kind as i am not 60 years old.I wanna thank you all from the bottom of my heart for anyone that donates or even takes the time to read this thank you and much love.If you can donate please donate at $LANCERBOIGTI.I would appreciate anyones help thank you.can someone message me and let me know if i am doing something wrong?

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