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Family crisis: mentally ill brother, abuse, jail and torn parents

The last 20 years of my life have been dysfunctional and at times felt like hell. The past 5 months though, have been a daily hell. 

My older brother was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 almost 20 years ago. He has always refused medication. In his own words, he "loves" being manic. When he has a manic episode, he becomes violent and dangerous and causes chaos. My parents and I have dealt with physical abuse, sexual abuse, robbery and harassment. I myself do not have a relationship with him at all because of all the things he has done to me and my parents, however my parents see it differently. "He's my son!". 

No matter what he may do, they are there for him and feel guilt over his actions. Long story short, he had another manic episode back in February. After 20 years of never really doing anything about it, my parents would finally call the police when he would become violent and cause damage. (In the past my parents would scold me for calling the cops on him, even when he had a knife to my moms throat). My parents finally got a restraining order on him and kicked him out of the house (he's 38). I have been waiting for this moment for 20 years. 

In May, my brother came to our house and he beat my dad to the ground and also hit my mother and threatened to kill her. My dad could barely walk and had cuts all over his head and arms. He was arrested on May 5th. My parents felt destroyed by this. I am glad he's in jail awaiting court sentencing but my parents have completely lost it. They are depressed and feel guilty. They have stopped taking care of themselves and my mom lost her job. They look and feel so unwell, that fear they will become sick or have a heart attack. Everything I have paid for and done, is to help them, NOT my brother. 

I helped pay $7,000 to get a forensic psychologist to come to trial and help prove that my brother is mentally ill and should do his time at a mental health facility instead of jail. I helped pay for his new insurance since he was on medical but needs a better insurance ($900 per month). I am paying for my mothers therapist and psychiatrist. I have never seen her so torn down, talking about wanting to die because she failed her son. I lost my job in March due to my brothers constant harassment, they chose to let me go. He has made my life a living hell. I in no way want to help him, but need to for my parents well being. I am currently $6,900 in debt and have $50 dollars in my checking account. 

I am begging for some help, any amount would help me make it through tomorrow. My brothers court date is on July 26th and I'm hoping that's when the judge decides the outcome, that way my parents can finally begin to heal. His trial has continued being pushed back and he has been in jail since May 5th. My parents are an emotional wreck because of this, mother lost her job, and my father is retired. I have been paying for my brothers needs, my parents mental health and paying all the bills and paying for my dads damaged car and damages in the house. I am trying to be strong but I have been a mess as well, not knowing how much longer I can go. I went from being comfortable with what was in my bank account and now I want to cry seeing how broke I am. My credit card limit is 7,000, I am 100 dollars away. 

I would appreciate any help I can get. God bless.

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