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Hard worker needs assistance for family
Hard worker father feeding a family of five. I have always had a job and had worked very hard for my family. My wife went to college to get a degree and make life better, but after graduating she found it very hard to find a job and then Covid, now inflation, and my wife went into a deep depression and his now on medication and is not working still and with extra cost credit card got out of hand, but I was able to get a loan for twenty-five thousand to consolidate of our bills but now I just get by with little free money left after each paycheck. So, I am reaching out to get assistance for my finances and hope that I can get any amount since to help me repay this loan or extra money to breathe between paychecks. I tried to get a second job and do uber or Lyft, but they do not seem to pay much and cost more for gas then I make. In one weekend driving for Uber eats I only made ten dollars.  If anyone feels like donating my CashApp $Lukridus
Hello have you got some financial support from anyone out there
I rarely post comments but my best suggestion is to try different websites to sell or auction goods off, not sure what your family has but vintage goods go well plus antique. Do local selling if you got a house so others don't need to pay for shipping, if not possible only sell small goods via mail. I hope that helps.

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