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Urgent: Help needed for Throat ulcers and Uterus problem
Hey everyone,
Here I am writing again to ask for your help, I am desperate. I have written 2-3 times previously, I don't know if anyone was able to read that or not.  I know I might sound wrong but I have no choice left. As I have told you that I was diagnosed with severe ulcers in my throat and uterus problems. I have been like this for months and the pain is unbearable. I am ashamed of myself for asking for money repeatedly and not being able to get treatments on my own.  It's been really tough, and my doctors say I need more tests to know what's going on. The doctor told me to do the biopsy and more screenings and tests. I feel scared and uncertain about what will happen in the future.

On top of that, my family is facing some tough times too. I lost my job because of my health issues, and now we are struggling. It is really hard to get a job in my country. I don't have anyone else to turn to for support. I talked to everyone including friends, relatives, and ex-colleagues. Nobody takes me seriously. They all even stopped talking to me.

I'm reaching out to you for help, hoping that you might be able to offer some support, no matter how small. I need to cover the medical expenses and the tests I need for that I need at least $2500.Please help me, I don't want to be like this, I want to live a normal life too. I don't know why I  became like this I was already disturbed emotionally and was barely providing food for my family. I can't even do that right now. I don’t want to be useless. Please help me to get back on my feet. 

This is my only hope. I am not lying. I tried everything I could. This is my only hope. I literally lost everything, our home, my father left us, and I was betrayed too. Why everything is falling apart in my life? I don't want to die like this. Please help me heal. Trust me I am not exxagerating. I really need medical treatments and I lost all my savings in the diagnosis and medications. I am no longer able to afford anything not even basic things. I am really scared,  I can't even sleep. Please help me I am in genuine need.
  • English is not my native language so in my previous posts, I used translation softwares. Sorry, everyone. 
With a hopeful heart,


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hello all, 

It's me again. I am feeling lonely. Got no one to talk. But I am still hopeful. May be someday I will be healthy and move on and live a better life. I am scared to for my family and myself.
Hi everyone.

I had two interviews today. When I received the interview confirmation I was hopeful maybe this time I will get a job. But after attending both, got two both were fake. They only lure innocent people and ask them to deposit money for some kind of training which is bullshit. It is really tough in our country to get a job. No legit company hires me coz of lack of experience.

I was a private tutor for a few years. But I am not even getting tutoring jobs now. I don't know how much time it will take for me to get a job. I am in constant pain and I can't even eat or sleep. 

Please someone help me recover from this. I just need around $2500 for all the tests and treatment also this will give me time to heal and provide for food and basic necessities. I know it's not easy to give money to a random person. I am ashamed of my self too because of this. I never thought I would be asking for money like this. But trust me I have no choice. I littery have no one to ask. But I promise I will forward this to others. I will also help someone in need once my life gets on track. 

If anyone reading this please say something at least talk to me.

Hi there, 

Hope you all are doing well. I am as always frustrated and broken.

I was looking for a way to make money online. I made profiles on freelancing websites too. But never got a job . Watched many videos on youtube, and there are ways but they will need time to generate income. 

Does anyone know how to make money online which makes money in a month? I don't have much time left. My condition is getting worse. 
Please reply if someone knows a way or any website which I can check out.

I don't know if I am doing something wrong. I am not getting any response. Not even a single reply
Hi everybody,

I hope you all doing well. As for me, I am getting weak. It feels like fighting a battle that has no end. Honestly, I am drained. I no longer remember what my dreams were because my life was always been this way. All the tragedies and trauma I have been through and still in there. But I don't want to give up like this, I want to try as far as I can to live.

I want to provide for my family, get married, and have a loving husband and a baby. I just want to have a normal life like everybody else. Trust me guys I am not the type of person who randomly asks for money. I never ever thought in my life I would be begging for money. Things were bad from the beginning but I was managing on my own. It's just this time my health is not letting me do anything. I name weak. I don't think I will be able to work or find a job before being treated. The things about my health aren't the only ones that I am facing. There is a lot more that I can't tell. Yeah, but there's one thing that is scaring me the most is that I am bleeding, it's been over a month. And I know it's not normal. Something is really wrong with me.

I desperately want to live a normal life and provide for my family. My only dream is to have a loving husband and a baby, a happy loving family. At this point of life, I don't even have money for groceries and not even public transport. All my little savings were spent on my last blood tests and prescriptions.

Please, guys, help me this once, help me to get back on my feet. No matter how big or small, it would really help me.
Thank you for reading this.

With hope

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Hi guys, 

Please help me. I can't even buy basic needs for myself and my family. Anyone, please help me. Sometimes I think it's easier to die than to suffer for your whole life. I only have $6.5 left. I am really scared. 


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can anyone help me with just 750 $, I really need this to get treated and get the screenings done. I don't have medical insurance. I don't have money even for food and groceries. 
Trust me I genuinely need this amount. 
Please help me guys I am unable to do anything. I am weak and in so much pain. Biopsy tests and other tests are expensive and medication is expensive too. 

I am really embarrassed for asking again and again. I am tired too and honestly, I have lost hope. Help me as a human. I will pay this amount back to the donors. I can't apply for a loan as I don't have a job, nor is anyone in my relatives or friends willing to help me. Trust me guys if I get better I will get a job and everything will get better. But at this condition it's impossible for me to move. 

I feel so lonely that people who use to say that they love me or they will be there for me have stopped talking to me because I got poor. I am shattered and scared too. I don't know what happiness is or what normal life looks like. Money is everything in this world. If you don't have money then there is no love, no friends in your life. You will be left to alone to rot. I wish my father was there with us but sadly never had a normal father relationship. He was abusive. My traumas started because of all this. I cant change my past. But I want to make my future a little bit better. Please help me currently I need $750 for health related issues also this would help me for 2 months to buy groceries. Till then I will get a job. Help me to get better and move on with life. 

I know I have written so many times but I am really desperate. I literally have no hopes left. 


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Anyone ? please help. I currently need $750 only. Please help me heal. Help me get the treatments.
Hello all, 

If someone reading my posts and thinks I am genuine then please help me. We are struggling. I am trying to get a job but I cant even go fo interview because of intense pain and I don't even have any money left to bear the transport cost. Please guys help me heal.


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i have to support mt family too. There is no food in the house. Anyone, please help. Anyone. For getting started I need $750. I literally asked everyone around me and gave many interviews. Tried everything which I could. My family is cursing me for not having a job. They say everyone gets sick but they don't get kicked out from their work. They think that I purposely left my
. They say no one stops working you should have to. I don't think they care about me. I had told them about my mental health around a year ago but they didn't take it seriously instead they made fun of me behind my back. In my country, mental health isn't really a disease. Mental health refers to making excuses for not acting normally for my country's people. Physical pain, mental and emotional everything is getting worse. I don't think there is anything at all for me to do in order to overcome this.
Nobody supported me back then and no one will support me now too.
I can't eat or sleep. Its nothing left in my life. I just wanted to live to experience normal life find love have a loving family. I don't think I can.

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