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Request for tuition fees please
Hi my name is Paul.
I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this.
I was born in London's East End and my dad died when I was about 5, I was placed into care when I was about 8 to about 10 was sexually abused not by care staff but by a mixed group of residents age only of 13 -16 .when I left the care home and went home my Mum and new step dad were heavy drinkers and I grew up a very angry young man getting into trouble all the time at school and with the police. I left school with only a few grades.
As I got older still very Angry confused I turned to drink for many years which in turn ruined any relationship I had including 1 marriage. Other problems i had was trust issues with almost anyone who tried to get close to me, and deep financial problems due to my drinking i wasted 90% of it down the drain and ended up bankrupt.
Fast forward to now with the help of my 2 wife we have been married now for 12 years 8 of those I rarely drink cause of the counselling I have had for anger and my drink abuse problems all relating from the death of my dad and the sexual abuse I received as a boy. And another reason is I’m a coach driver which I could never have done when I was drinking.
I am so proud of the way my life is now turning out that I’ve held on to steady reliable jobs and the partnership with my wife is unreal. And my only regret is not being able to open up and get help in my youth I think my life would’ve been a whole lot better 
I am looking for funding of £6,750 so I can take e-commerce course so i can retrain and start my own business earning in excess £30,000a year and start a better my life for me and my family. It is so important to me to provide for my family and try and get to a better place financially in my life.
Thank you for taking the time to read about me. if you can donate a little or all of my funding i would be so grateful.
Please either reply to my email for any other information and also a link to my paypal acc.
My paypal link is
Thank you once again.
Kind regards.

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