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Single mama needs help with bills
This might be a long shot but it’s worth a try! I am a single mama to a 7 year old boy. It’s just the two of us we don’t have a bunch of support or anything. I do well managing on my own but my car has been costing me a lot of money this winter. Between credit card debts loans and IOUs I am a total of $2,609.80 in debt. Not including my student loans ($14,587 … but those might be pardoned). I finished my Bachelor’s degree over the summer last year. I always pay my debts on time and have a good credit score. If anyone can help lighten the load at all, you’d be doing me and my little boy a huge favor. I’m all for talking to my donors so please feel free to say hello! Here is a break down of my current debts as of 03/04/23:

IOU’s: (Mom and 2 sisters)

Mom: $300
Sister: $300
Sister: $100

Credit card debts:

BestBuy: $820
Car Repair on Discover card: $615
Kohls charge card: $162.80

Personal Loan: $312

Please! Anything helps! ❤️


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