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Homeless couple need tent to stay warm
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I don't know if anyone will see this message or not, if so, thank you for taking the time off out of your out of  your day to read my post. This is all very new to us and I'm completely at a loss on what to do in this moment. My name is Jess (30)and my boyfriend Cale(31) and I have been experiencing homelessness for the first time for the past 4 months after a horrible roommate situation in the apartment we were renting a room in. As a woman, I no longer felt safe or comfortable staying another second in that apartment with that sexual harasser roommate of ours, and after putting up with multiple, multiple personal  violations I finally overcame the fear of being homeless in this exact situation and we left that day. With no where to go my mother was able to get us a brand new 6 person cabin tent for us for Christmas this year because the one we were in had so many holes and was missing the door and poles. If was so nice out of the cold and could finally sleep without being scared and freezing. We were fortunate enough to have a helping hand get us a hotel room for a night, so we packed up what we could fit in the their car and went to get warm and (FINALLY!!) Take a hot shower!!! ?? We locked up our tent and left for the night. Unfortunately, the next morning when we arrived back at camp, our tent and all our belongings were gone, everything. So we had no option besides starting over, again. Right now where we live it's very cold outside and we can barely feel our hands after just 15 minutes of being out side. We desperately need a to get a tent to get out of the frigid cold weather and a place to call "home" for us and our belongings so that we can have that one less of a worry and be able to figuring out how to get on our feet again.  Sorry for the long, long post. Just figured I'd be as honest as I could without typing a 20 page post. ? It's currently 33° and about noon, hopeful that someone out there will see my post and maybe be able to reach a helping hand to us before nightfall. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe next?.  . I'm leaving it in god's hands. God bless and thanks again for taking the time to view my post. 

Sincerely, Jess and Cale ☺️

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