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Toxic Ex
Hi everyone. Firstly I just would like to say thank you for listening and if you can spread any type of awareness of toxic ex partners or even toxic current partners that would be awesome.
Okay a bit of a back story. I’m a 20 year old girl from Australia. I just got out of a 2 year relationship with a partner.
This man has unfortunately put me through financial hell. The whole time we were together he didn’t have a job. He used my money every week. And I let him because I thought I loved him. But the biggest burden he put on me was sneakily using my name and my credit to get himself a car. A $20,000 car. He told me that the joint application would approve us as it the financial team and the dealership wouldn’t approve of himself getting it. So he told me that we were doing a joint one. No. He lied straight to my face. It’s all under my name. A $20,000 fkn car. It’s disgusting. Not only has he used me for two years but he’s used me to get himself a brand new car. I have tried everything but my lawyer has said it’s my fault as it’s all under my name. There’s nothing they can do.
my PayPal is
Anything will help ❤️
I’m still young. Still trying to get through university and a job just to pay all this debt. I just need a restart. I would be beyond grateful if this debt was just paid off. I hope everyone understands and again I appreciate you for listening.
- Bailey (Kadee)

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