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I feel that I have no choice but to commit suicide
I feel that this is the last chance that God has given me to end this unpleasant and bitter life for the future of my life. I am Ruwan. I live in Sri Lanka. I am a 22-year-old boy I faced the general level exam in 2017 and passed the exam well After that, I entered another school for my higher education, with many dreams of the future in my heart, and while I was studying higher education in that school for about 6 months, the economic problems of my home increased more and more My father is a farmer and my mother has no job. I am the eldest child in the family. I have 2 younger brothers and a sister. So at that time my father was unable to meet the expenses required to complete my education.The economic problems at home were also severe. So I decided to stop my schooling and finish my education.I was unable to find a good job based on my average qualifications I did several jobs and worked for hire, but there were many times when I did not get paid as much as I worked. I worked very hard at that young age. Some days my hands and legs were injured, but I helped to solve the economic problems of the house as much as I could My future hope since childhood was to become a doctor but in the end I could not achieve that dream.  I had big future dreams and hopes in my heart But because I couldn't bear to see my father's suffering, I stopped my education, so I tried to get a government job with the general qualifications I had. In the year 2021, I decided to join the Sri Lanka Police. finished as I had a lot of hope. I faced all the preliminary tests and completed them successfully After that, the letter came to my house to admit me to the police college for the basic training of the police service, so the happiness I felt that day was on my mother's face. I had never seen such a smile The reason is because no one in our family has a government job, so that happiness was only for 2 days Somehow the people of the village came to know that I was selected for the police service and they got together and sent me a letter with false accusations. They sent such a false allegation letter out of anger and jealousy because I was successful, two days later I got a phone call that my admission was cancelled. The sadness I felt that day was like a world falling apart in front of me, even though I am a fair person who did nothing wrong. I could not bear it when this happened to me.The superiors of the police promised me that after investigating the charges sent to me by the village, if there is no mistake on my part, I will be rehired.Me too. Thinking that justice will prevail because there is nothing wrong, I was waiting to get the job, but after a few months, I asked the gentlemen who would hire me in the police service about what happened to me, but they did not care.I thought it was because I lost my status because I was poor. Being a man, I came home with sadness. After that I decided to join the Air Force.But unfortunately for me, not only for me, but also for the country, due to the economic problems in Sri Lanka these days, inflation has increased and I will not get a job again.For a long time, I am so unlucky, why did this happen to me, there were many times when I thought of losing my life, but I made up my mind that I will take care of my family by doing some job in the future But, with the current situation in Sri Lanka, it is difficult to find any job, not even a hired job In my house too. Enough of the problem. We eat one meal without skipping it I am not ashamed to tell this sad story, I have never told this story to anyone before But I understand that these may be the last days of my life. I am hoping for something to start a job to make this Sri Lanka again. No, I can't even imagine what to do.It is difficult for people to live with the problems in Sri Lanka. I wonder if all these problems will be solved if I die.But I recently had an idea to start my own business, but it is difficult for me to find initial capital. I am working very hard to find capital on my own, but now it is very difficult with the situation in Sri Lanka.I like to start small and develop little by little and do business with the countries of the world I know I can. If I can do it, I will never stop I'm asking you to go to my dream change this finite life keep me alive if you can help me you will be protected by God
To help this young life live, I even thought of killing myself because I was really fed up with life With the current situation in Sri Lanka, poor people are suffering a lot. I really feel that I was born in Sri Lanka because of my own misfortune. Please help me if you can. God bless you all.

I am Ruwan

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