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a desperate cry for help

Good afternoon! I am a woman from Latvia who really needs help. I have heard of generous people who help those in need. I’ve never asked anyone for help, I’ve always done everything myself, but this time I’m asking for help. because I can’t do without it. I trusted a man who tricked me and cheated me, mortgaged the apartment and shook him, and now my daughters and I live in a rented apartment, I was also fired, but I work an extra job, but it is not enough to pay all the utilities and loan payments, very we want to get the apartment back and renovate it so we can start life anew. I try to do as much as possible, but nothing works, I am a disabled person of the third group, I have had two back operations, I am only supporting myself because of my daughters, in order to buy back the apartment, I need 40,000€. please, good people, help me and my daughters to start a new life without debt and suffering. Please help would be appreciated. I am a desperate mother who wants my daughters and I not to end up on the street. Thank you for your understanding. Best regards, Evica.
Hello! thank you for your response and for your good wishes, be sure to write to the e-mail address you provided. let's hope for luck.
As a reminder, it is not necessary to communicate with other people, even if they claim to want to help. You included your PayPal link in the post, so if someone wants to help, they can just donate directly to you using that link. Most times when people try to communicate with someone asking for help on this site, those people are trying to find a way to scam you. They might make a promise to send you money to your bank account, so they try to get your bank information. Or they will promise to send you money, but ask you to pay for the transfer fee first, or other things like that. I would like to remind everyone to continue to be careful, and please understand that if you have posted a link for payment, you don't need to communicate with others if you don't want. When people truly want to help by sending a donation, they will be able to do so. When they want to scam you, they will send you an email address or phone number and ask you to contact them. My advice is: don't contact them.

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