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An opportunity to change our lives
well, I'm sure if you're someone that is helping out the less fortunate wading through all these threads becomes exhausting. Me as a person going through a hard time I'm raking my brain for the perfect thing to say but all that comes to mind is being completely honest and forward. I can only hope the universe blesses me and gives me a leg up. I'm at my wits end and I'm nervous. 

Basically I have struggled with mental health since I was a kid. I've been diagnosed with MDD (severe depression), seasonal depression,  severe anxiety, severe PTSD, and depressive bi polar. It's gotten harder to manage life and maintain things like a job, hobbies, relationships, paying bills, etc. Currently I am about to be homeless, lose my car, continue to destroy my credit, lose my animals, probably turn to dangerous ways to make money and to add to it
...I am pregnant. It's my first kid and I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I did the math....$10,000 would get me a home, keep my car, get health insurance,  get back on meds, take care of my cat, take care of myself and so on. I could fluff up my story but I don't want to embellish on things that probably don't matter. I'm just hoping for a chance.  I'm hoping for someone to care enough to help. So, feel free to ask me anything. I am an open book. 

Cash app: $SonnyVandal 

If you love art I can have you sign a vendor artist contract plus join my soon to be art group on here and get the ball rolling (will take time, I'm also looking to get own place since living with parents)... Please encourage inspiration with yourself and other's, we're all blessed!

DM me, Sierra

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