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32 weeks pregnant
Hi, my name is Aryn and my boyfriend and I are trying to raise money to make ends meet while I’m on maternity leave. I’m currently employed as a caregiver at a facility for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia. I love what I do with a passion, however my job has become too much of a physical strain to continue working at this time. That being said, I’m 32 weeks pregnant and had to make the difficult decision to go on maternity leave two weeks earlier than planned to ensure that I keep myself and baby safe. Up until now I was under the impression that my maternity leave would be paid, however I’ve recently discovered that it is unpaid, leaving us in a tricky spot financially. Our baby girl is due on March 22nd, 2023 and I’m anticipating not being able to return to work until the beginning of May so that I have enough time to recover after delivery. I’m asking for some assistance to help our blossoming family get through the next couple months so that we’re still able to pay for rent and groceries during this time. Anything helps ❤️
It will be very hard for people to trust but text me maybe I can help 8184955486

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