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I will be evicted in less than a week feeling hopeless
Epilepsy awareness,
Struggling Artist, Empty Nester , Mental health advocate for you and me
I received an eviction Right before Christmas.Court is Jan 23rd I have exhausted all other options applying for help with state and local charities that are just to overwhelmed to meet the needs of everyone especially with the holidays. State rent assistance funding has also run dry and they stopped excepting applications in November
.I found sites when I literally thought my only option was to type in to Google how to beg for money .I still have not received even a dollar .I am panicking now . This is something I have tried very hard to prevent in my life I have  raised three kids on my own and took pride in the fact that I did whatever it took working 2 jobs and going back to school often  . I am going to humble myself and ask for help because I am in a situation that I am unable to control any longer .
Here is a little of how I have ended up here ...I had a catastrophic life event in early August that was the start of a snowball effect that I just can't seem to get ahead of.
Working for a local property management company as a field agent doing lease resigns , delivering letters , helping families find resources etc ...I was helping pick up maintenance calls on the weekend. Our in house maintenance was extremely busy and I decided to take a run on an easy maintenance call.
The  client  has an oxygen machine and she  needed assistance flipping the breaker to restore power,
I had a green light  at a major intersection and was almost across when a  teen driver taking her dog to the vet and looking in the backseat ran a red light and hit me at a high rate of speed .
My car was totaled.
I sustained injury to my face , neck , arms and back .
When the air bag deployed I received chemical burns, bruising and my top teeth were broken .
To make matters worse after two weeks of physical therapy and several appointments my job of 7 years decided to restructure and I was emailed that my services would no longer be required.
I was a commission only employee and due to that am unable to receive unemployment. Left with no job no car and still facing a long road ahead,
including months of physical therapy and  possible surgery. I began using my limited savings (previously used throughout COVID and trying to help my adult daughter who suffers with mental illness) I took out a few small loans thinking I would work things out and get back on my feet .I have had a job consistently since I moved out of home at 16 ...I was optimistic and doing my best to remain positive.
My job was the cosigner on my car an insurance payout covered the remaining balance on my auto loan with nothing left over
Additionally the situation is uncomfortable because my employer is also my landlord and I have relatives that work there
I was able to find a new job for much less pay and was  borrowing a car but needed to return it .I was just looking to purchase a car when my new job had to downsize . New hires were the first to go.
I am still in physical therapy and  need to find some sort of group or psychiatrist. I already suffer from PTSD, GAD .I have just applied for state medical insurance as my previous insurance was thru my job.
This has been extremely traumatic and don't know what else to do.
I have been left physically and mentally devastated.
I am in debt ,without a car,  facing uncertainty with no way to pay for dental  to repair my broken top dentures which are currently super glued together,keep my utilities onw hich are all going to be disconnected in a couple of weeks I have already gotten the maximum extensions I have no way pay my rent and with this eviction I am on the verge of homelessness.
I am desperate!
I had already taken loans out to pay for necessities while on leave fully expecting to return to my job.
Maxed my credit cards and have sold almost everything I had of value which wasn't much .
.I am told by my attorney that it could take  years to reach a settlement for personal injury
Any amount would help me right now .
But realistically I need $3000 for back rent $300 for eviction fees .
$2500 for utilities between $1000- $10,000 for a used car .My bank account is in the negative and adding fees daily $800
I am in cc and personal loan debt of $4000.
My Dental repairs would be around $2500.
I have been trying to prepare meals that are cheap and will last and just learned of a local food pantry.
My total would be $23,100.00
I know that sounds like so much
Even a dollaryou would be my savior ..
I would pay it forward when back on my feet .
I am really struggling with suicidal ideation and thoughts of hopelessness
I just can't see any way out of the situation.
My phone will be shut off in a few days and I have sent my resume to dozens of jobs .
I want to thank  you for taking the time to read this .
Thank you ,
Very Humbled
Please excuse my PayPal link I used it only to send money to my kids lol
I couldn't figure out how to change it .
Cash app - $ChristyMao
I can provide documentation if needed

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