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A blind woman looking for help to save her dream business
This is my fourth attempt at finding the right words to say. I never thought I would be asking strangers on the internet for help but I seem to have exhausted all other resources. I don't exactly know where to begin.. I am a blind woman and like most I have struggled throughout my life but was given a glimmer of hope last year when I was offered the chance to become part of a program that helps people with disabilities your training and go back to work. Not only would I be going back to work but I would be owning my own business. I dream I had had for many years. So even though we knew it would be a struggle and we knew it would be hard my fiance and I decided that I should do this program. I cut my hours drastically at the job I currently had which set us back financially to begin with but somehow we muddled through the 6 months of training and I finally was able to prepare to open my own business. However it took several more months and they told us it would they moved us to a city 2 hours away from her home promising that we would start work immediately after arrival this didn't happen we did not open our store for 3 months we use what we had in savings for a wedding to barely screw it by.. but we finally open the store and we thought things would be going great but then my fiance couldn't find work and his mother's cancer returned wake up behind on rent and bills and car payments barely could help his mom with her medical needs.. but then business started to pick up and we thought things were going great until early one morning a couples of weeks ago put the business in jeopardy y and now I need money to help save it and my home I have tempted to get a regular loan but both my fiance and I don't have enough credit and my business is not been open long enough. I need at least 3,000 for my business to survive but any other help would be greatly appreciated funny my fiance and his mother.
Thank you for the wonderful human beings who read this and for those who want to help.

I also apologize if my grammar is not very good and this post like I mentioned I am blind and so I am using the talk to speak option and sometimes it doesn't work the best with the grammar and punctuation.

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