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Bad Things Happen In 3s

My name is Corey, and I've recently experienced a series of incidents that have put me in financial peril. 

First bad thing, two weeks ago, I contracted COVID, and was out of work for a week which of course means I only got half a paycheck as I do not get sick leave. 

Second, I had scheduled a COVID test at Walgreen's, and took my only form of transportation, an electric bike, to attend the appointment. On the way, the actual frame of the bike itself sheared in half. Of course I crashed, hurt my shoulder, and now have no reliable form of transportation.

Finally, at the time, I had over $7,000 in my savings, unfortunately, in 2020 (while I was homeless) I was sued over a credit card my father had taken out in my name. As I was homeless, I did not receive any mail about the case, and naturally, the courts ruled against me when I did not appear. Much to my surprise, the court apparently approved a request to garnish my bank account, and my entire checking and savings were wiped out, and my account is now overdrawn by several thousand dollars. I had to set up with a new bank just to make sure I have my paychecks to use in the near future.

So here I am, four days until the 1st day of 2023 with no money for rent, barely any food for myself, and literally nothing to show for two years of clawing my way out of homelessness. I'm not asking to be made whole again, though if there's someone out there who has an extra 50 grand, I'd love to also be debt free and have a chunk to invest in starting a business. Really, if anyone can help, I could use food for my dog and myself (What little I have left is going toward the dog), money for rent, utilities,  etc... 


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