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Unlucky in Love and Finances - Please Help
Hello my new friends. I have an adult son who has gotten deep into credit card debt and also was in a vehicle accident that was not his fault. He was not hurt other than a sore back. My son does not smoke, drink or participate in bad language but has been unlucky in love and finances. He has always had a job and is a good worker. He helps take care of three children off and on that are not biological his but treats them like they are. They are like grandchildren to myself and my wife.  We have helped him financially over the years but it is not enough. 

Please consider donating to help my son. He does not know I am trying to find money for him. I want it to be a pleasant surprise. Mostly I am wanting to clear his credit card debt and give him a cushion of three month's worth of bill coverage in his bank account. Next I would like to get him a better car after insurance settles from the vehicle accident. I lent him my SUV to drive until insurance is settled. He has never really had a reliable vehicle until my wife and I gave him a 2005  4door car. He is in the process of selling his house and moving closer to home but it needs a few repairs including heating issues. He tried to take care of all these things but only one income just would not cover everything. The plan was that his mate was to work and help with the bills but that never materialized. Even though the former mate and children live with relatives now, my son has been unable to cut ties with them because he loves them so much.

Thanks for your time in reading this. PayPal link is below.
Text me 8184955486

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