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Need Winter Fuel, Food and Supplies
It's brutal during winter in the High Desert of Nevada: -11c at night. I'm staying in an off-grid ghost-town mining shack. I need fuel, food, and supplies to survive. Business reopened June 2021, but tourists aren't booking appointments because the economy isn't recovering yet.

I have nothing to offer except friendship and gratitude.

If you can help me, please visit my Paypal or to send a gift.

Thank-you !!

[Image: i6ylWWI.jpg]
Thanks to your donations I made it through the winter. It was the coldest in 70 years. I'm already stockpiling food and fuel for next winter, and saving up for a new tent. Eight months to go.
If you can help me, please visit my Paypal or to send a gift. Thanks !!

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