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$1 to happy mommies
Hi, I am sanchia from the phillippines,I believe in "happy mommies happy family". I have a soft heart to struggling mommies at home who has no income and only relying to the income of their husbands. I myself is a full time mother. When my husband pass away, our source if income lost. I had to struggle for my 3 kids. I open up a thrift store and decided to help mothers like me who are also struggling. It started to my friends who are also mothers, I will buy a thrift box/bale and will divide the items for them to sell online. I will lend them the thrift items and will pay me after two weeks. Until I created a community of mothers doing our business. I became their supplier, I am earning from them at the same time I am also helping them earn for their families. During the pandemic I stopped due to travel restrictions and shipping restrictions. Thrift business is also banned.
I would like to ask for your assistance for me to reopen and rebuild this community again. It makes me sad
 everytime I see my old reseller and asking me if I could supplier them again. I am hoping that you could help me. I can not even afford one box/bale now since i am also financially struggling now. Your $1 dollar can makes us wonder you'll never imagine :Smilehank you in advance.

This is my paypal link:

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