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Illness, Eviction and Only Home Alienated
Dear community!

I am writing this because it has become my only hope of survival. For many years now I've had many health issues including heart arrhythmias and poor vision with possibility of becoming blind, and in the last few years I also developed serious spine issues, COPD, adrenal insufficiency and chronic fatigue due to too much work, lack of food and immense amounts of stress in all areas of life. Due to health issues I was never allowed to drive so I also don't have a car, and I can't even receive medical care due to all the costs involved in it.

My mother's only, very small studio flat for basic living needs in Croatia where we are a national minority has been alienated half a year ago by one corporate agency from Luxembourg after they became an unauthorized creditor of my mother's non-dedicated bank loan, taken in 2011 due to health issues, that she has been paying off regularly. My mother is 72 years old and a retired paralegal. I am 37 and have health issues which now prevent me even from working part time. There is no Social Security in Croatia, it's impossible to receive any type of help, and disability pension I might qualify for in several years is below the poverty line, but enough for survival if living in one's own flat and therefore not having to pay rent. We do not have other family members or relatives.

There are very few flats/apartments and rooms for rent in a small town we live in, and the ones available are very expensive, even more in the nearby city of Zagreb. The vast majority of people in this small country traditionally own the place they live in, household incomes are low, and renting is more like a hotel business for richer people.

In order to survive, we either have to try to get our flat back by suing one corporate agency which is impossible, or buy another flat of a minimum square meters available which is around 25. Otherwise we will become homeless in several months. In order to save our lives, we need approximately 50,000 USD after taxes.

Please help us save our lives, any donation amount is enough! link:

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