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Please help me to get out of this problem
Hey everyone, this is basically my last hope to get out of the problem I am in, I will try to make this as short as possible. 

So, everything starts a few years ago right before the pandemic started, I was planning on applying for a scholarship to study AE engineering at one of the best universities in my country (I'm not from the US) but my family didn't want me to, I never knew that until the day I was going to apply to that same university and needed to sign a contract that stipulates that in case of not getting the scholarship I would have to pay for the university with my own resources (at that time the lockdown had already started and thanks to that all the scholarship process was paused for a few months so universities needed to make sure they got paid for the first semesters in case students didn't get scholarships).

And well, at that moment my mom said "If you want to apply to that university I won't pay for it if you don't get the scholarship" and let me clarify something, I wasn't sure I was getting it, my results on the national exams were pretty good but were not enough to ensure 100% probability of obtaining it, at the end I got it but ended up being forced to chose another career at the local college in which my mom coursed hers, all while most of my friends got accepted in other parts of the country and some of them in other countries (the went there later on since we were locked) but while I was coursing the 2nd semester I saw an add about a digital marketing course that I saw as a chance to finally be independent and maybe get enough money to cancel the scholarship and then go and study what I wanted, I even bought an used laptop so that I could work on it while being at college. 

But I realised too late that I didnt have enough money left to start, it was a combination of different factors, first the laptop that even if it was used it still costed me half of my savings, second, the fact that my parents didnt gave money for transport and lunch because the scholarship gives some money each semester for that, and finally because I bought the sofware recommended by the course too early and that drained all what was left. 

But the real problem comes here, my parents asked me to help them save for a car because I never told them any of what I was doing, the last 2 months I've been trying to get a job to help me get the money but that got no result and even if I get one now theres no time left and this is basically my last hope not to end up with a gigantic problem at home, so please, i need 500 dollars, i will be incredibly grateful to anyone who can help me overcome this.

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