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Help save me
I am in desperate need of financial help to get me back on my feet. Last year, my husband of 12 years cheated on me and I left him. Our house was in his mother's name.i made all the house payments (40,000) she sold the house when we split up and made over 100,000. I got 2000. They tooo my car so my ex husband helped me buy a car withghe 2000. The car jad many issues and did no run right. I moved in with a childhood friend and I left my job that I had for 8 years. I got a job offer that was $4 more per hour. One day another friend borrows my car, and this man ran a light and hit him. The guy didn't have insurance and I didn't have uninsured motorist. I took the last bit o my sawvi tags are out as well. I got laid off from my job and we ended up getting evicted. My mother had cancer and needed help so I took the time to take care of her. She had an RnV that she was going Ito give to me, but it was falling apart. My brother said to sell it and he would give her 2000 towards a new one that would eventually be min so I went and spent 2 weeks cleaning hers out and sold it. My mom went to the hospital and they told us she wasn't going to make it. That's when my brother decided not to put the money into a new one even though he knew I was depending on it. He told me to use the insurance my mkom had gotten. She kept tellingus she had a 5000 dollar policy. What the insurance company didn't tell her was that when you so this it is guaranteed policy meaning it's guaranteed to pay... After 3 years. My mom died just 3 months shu of 3 we got a 497 didn't evkken cover the cremation. I am now homeless. Sleeping my car for the most part. I got pregnant and I went to a heless shelter and was attacked,  raped and miscarried. I got a job1 but doesn't start for 2 weeks and then it will be another 2 weeks before I get paid I need to fix my car, get my tags and get somewhere to stay. Please please help me. I will work i am currently looking for a second job. I just had a really bad year and it knocked me down.

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