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In dire straights can anyone help?
Hello all. So in August, I was let go from my job as a bartender. I have been in the food industry for well over ten years as both employee and manager, so I personally know how the business works. I wanted to open my own place and I have a blueprint about how I want to run it and what we would be selling. It was then I decided to start investing in myself and my idea, but I've hit a bump in the the road very early. You see I knew it wouldn't be cheap,  but I didn't think I would expend my savings so fast! Bills started piling up and eventually so did my rent. I applied for unemployment benefits but I was shut down becaude the job released me under disagreements of service. I tried taking out loans until I could get another job, but after five interviews through three months, everything fell apart again. So September comes and goes and I was  almost evicted at the first of October. I raised enough capital to stay and had to tell a small fib to keep pushing my luck. The bank account I had was overdrawn and closed, so I couldn't get another loan. My credit was shot down and my internet and phone accounts have been suspended so I only have a computer at the library to communicate.  It's November, and my lights have been out for five days, I haven't eaten much, and I have nearly pawned everything. Its cold outside and I really do not want to be homeless so close to Thanksgiving. The total I need to stay afloat is 3500 dollars. If anyone, a anyone could help me with anything it would be such a blessing.

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