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Long story short
Hi, thanks for reading. I'm 50F, married, 2 grown kids and 2 grands. I'll try to be brief and not gratuitously sad, although I'm really overwhelmed right now.

Husband is on restricted hours at his bbq job, due to disc problems in his neck. Daughter works full time in spite of epilepsy. Her current med adjustments have caused her to miss a lot of work. So, both breadwinners have short checks.

The grandkids belong to Daughter. They attend a charter school with no bussing. Grandson has behavioral issues we're trying to work through. We give him a Hyland's OTC med for some of his symptoms but we can't keep it at school for the nurse --dumb state rule. So I take him his midday dose each school day. Being on call for D, who isn't allowed to drive due to epilepsy, and GS, who needs a lot of support, plus getting everyone to work/school/home again, is a full time unpaid job for Grammy. 

I've recently run into some health issues of my own. I required a transfusion and some testing last week, requiring H to take days off work. D had to stay home as well to tend her son, who as a covid precaution, had to stay home due to mild bronchitis symptoms. 

These short checks are really hurting us. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks again. Best to you.

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