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Assistance In True Aftermath of Caring For My Sick Mother....
Hello to everyone here and greetings –

I am a young adult male who has spent such a rigorous time caring for my sick Mother with cancer in an ultra-precise and boundlessly caring way for her. Whether driving her for the needed shopping, or providing highly intricate and extremely helpful medicines for her during the entire depressive ordeal.

We lived together serenely and peaceably. Because it was just us 2 – I later “befriended” an individual on a “social media app” who seemingly agreed to help me out with my situation overall after my Mother had unfortunately passed away from this.

This gentleman was to serve as a mentor of sorts of mine – and was to provide me with caring understanding if I requested assistance with car vehicle repair work, and other minor errand tasks of him.

After my Mother had passed away sadly, I was given certain life insurance, bank accounts, and stocks, etc.

The person who was supposedly helping me turned out to underhand me by refusing to pay any money back on a tab we agreed upon. Money owed back to me given to him from me in charity. He also did not follow through on helping me with any requested tasks – that we spoke about to assist after my Mother had died.

I am here humbly requesting your economic support here – which I cherish with incredible appreciation utterly.

I asked someone to help me with things after my Mother had died of cancer – and they took off and scammed me out of the thousands that I chose to help them with myself. Whether their own medical bills, moving costs, car issues, and appliance issues that they had, etc.

Please help me. I have been scammed by someone who offered to help me and my sick Mother. They offered mentorship of sorts – only to steal money from me and not follow through on my considerate requests. I beg for your charity.

The below links underneath provided are the accurate, and totally safe and ultimately secure website links to kindly give me money assistance.

Paypal links above for you. Thank you as always and forever to you so much.
Thank you so amazingly if any assistance can be truly adequately given.

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