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Had to leave job because i was sexually assulted please help with rent
hi there 

im not really sure how to start or how any of this works but im super stressed out about not being able to pay my rent 
So what happened was 2 months ago i was sexually assaulted buy someone at my job. i was not able to go back after it had happened because i was too scared. so i had to quit. i spent the first month trying to deal with some pretty bad mental health and for the last 3 weeks i have been looking for work but have not found anything yet. i spent the last month selling things but that only covers food and i am behind on my rent. my landlord has told me that if i dont give him the rent for the past month he will kick me out. i have no family to turn to and dont have any friends as i have always been a bit of a loaner. i have a cat and i have no idea what i will do with her if i end up homeless shes kinda the only friend ive got. 

i would really appreciate any help 
Thank you

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