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Can you please help me..
Hello my name is Theo and I first want to thank you for reading this. I'm here to beg for help because I'm at my rock bottom. I dont know where to start..I'm homeless right now because I got out of prison march 3rd and had no where to go because I don't have the typical normal family I didn't have no one to turn to. It's just my sister and my mom. I did not go to prison for a sex crime or violent crime to answer your question. 

I am mentally disabled because I was diagnosed as having polar disorder and schizophrenia and anti social personality disorder..

While in prison I was beat viciously by prison guards while handcuffed and I filed a 1983 civil rights lawsuit which I will be getting substantial financial compansation for what happened to me. I suffered a tramatic brain injury and am not the same as before I went to prison..a part of me feels like I came out worse..but I love being free and refuse to do anything that will send me back..I don't drink or do drugs..I take medication that has severe side effects and I have to have my blood drawn once a month to check and see if the medication is hurting me.

I say all that to say..can you please help me...I have refused to admit that I am mentally ill and that I could survive with no help but the truth is that I can't.

I want to get a motel room or studio apartment with the tent paid up long enough for me to get situated...I also need the basic living stuff like clothes and food..the shelters where I'm at didn't accept people not from the same county so I been sleeping in a elevator at the train station and the lobby a homeless shelter at night..

Please feel free to talk to me..I will answer any question you cash app is $theobeasley88..thank you for your time and I wish you happiness.

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