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Single mom need help
single mom with autism boy need help !! 
0Hi Everyone,

 I'm single mother of toddler Boy who is autism. His father left him just before his born for another woman. He turns 4 but still didn't able to speak. During pandemic I lost my job and still struggling to get full time time. but it's so hard to find these days because of so many businesses shut down. these days running my small bakery at home and deliver the cakes. because I can't go outside to left my son alone at home. Part time job doesn't help to pay of my home rent, to pay of my son's speech therapy fees and medical bills. prices increases day by day. so hard to for me to handle all these expenses. our two month home rent is still pending. I need some help from everyone to pay of my two months home rent, groceries, son's speech therapy treatment so he can able to speak and go to school like another normal kids, need some amount to pay of my debt. We are struggling during hard time.A little help from everyone can bring our life on track again. 

 deepsee (zero) (zero) ( seven) (at) Gmail (dot) com

please contact only serious and genuine people. please don't contact if you just here time waste and scam. we already surviving hard life. 

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